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What we've been up to since 2007.
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I was raised on a small family farm in Maryland. With lots of animals, and large gardens, so it's no wonder I have a love for animals & the country life.
When we moved to Central West Virginia in 2007, I started this little farm and created this page, so my friends & family could follow along and see what we've been up to.
Now... Oct 2013...  I've decided to add extra pages & more photos & music too!
I hope you enjoy the tour!        :-)

May/June 2007 - We (Mary & Kimberly & Robert) now have a home in central West Virginia!
June/July 2007 - Moving into new house!      Happy anniversary Mom & Dad.
Aug 2007 -  I broke & dislocated arm/elbow. Tonka (German Shepherd dog) moves in.
Happy Birthday Dad.
Sept 2007 - Kimberly in 8th grade. We've got some crops from the garden that Hartzel planted.
Happy Birthday Elizabeth.
Oct 2007  - Our 1st Neighborhood Party. What a Blast!!! Loved meeting everyone! What a Great Neighborhood!
Happy Anniversary Elizabeth & Ronnie. Happy Birthday Bill.
Nov 2007 -  Robert diagnosed with MS. Seeing the family for Thanksgiving!
Dec 2007 -  The holidays with family. Isabella 1 year old. My birthday too. Seeing the family for Christmas!
Jan 2008  -  Alonzo (Robert's dad) diagnosed with CMM Leukemia. Mary selling chain-mail jewelry.
Happy birthday Kimberly. (My daughter)

Feb 2008 -  Everybody getting treatment. (Physical therapy & medications).
Mar 2008 -  Getting ready for a garden, a beef cow, baby chickens, & honey bees.
Happy birthday Mom.

Apr 2008 -  We got our Angus heifer ("Filet"), and baby chicks.  I also have 1/2 of the garden planted.
Happy birthday Robert. 

May 2008 -  Honey bees & Family reunion in Ohio. New Kittens. 
June 2008 - Milking Goat (1/2 Nubian - 1/2 Saanen named "Surprise"). Finished planting the rest of the garden.  School Ends. "The Gallery"  Opens, I have some chainmail for sale there. Happy Anniversary Mom & Dad!
July 2008  - We got a Large freezer for the beef. We went to Md for a visit.
Kim stayed w/Grandma & also stayed with her Dad for a while.
Happy birthday Ronnie. (Brother-in-law).
Aug 2008 -  Bobby (Kim's Dad)came to visit.  Matt & Judy (Friends) came to visit for a few days. School Starts. I got my Jersey dairy cow. Her name is "Sukie".  
Happy Birthday Dad.

Sept 2008 - I'm now making Butter, Cottage cheese, Mozzarella cheese, Ice cream, and Sour cream!  Mmmm Dairy Goodness!
Happy birthday Elizabeth. (Sister)
Oct 2008 - Our 2nd Neighborhood Party! Again, we had a great time. Rob had dental work, he needed all of his teeth pulled. I started training someone to milk, so we can go to Md for Thanksgiving.
Happy Anniversary Elizabeth & Ronnie. Happy birthday Bill.
Nov 2008 - Chickens started laying eggs! We are going to visit family for Thanksgiving.
Dec 2008 - Planning on seeing family at Christmas. Kim gets her braces off. Isabella & my Birthday.
Jan 2009 - Happy New Year!    Kimberly's 16th Birthday!
Feb 2009 - Groundhog sees his shadow.
March 2009 - "Filet" is in the freezer. Lots of rain. Getting ready for Easter.
Happy birthday Mom.
April 2009 - Visit Family in Maryland for Easter! Sukie had a bull calf and we named him T-Bone. Robert's parents come for a visit.       Happy B-Day Robert!
May 2009 - We got ducks, geese & more chicks. Surprise had 2 babies. (1 buck & 1 doe, Bucky & Bambi).  My sister had her 2nd baby! A little boy named John. (Congratulations Sis!)  We had friends visit from Ohio, AND from Maryland on Memorial weekend!
June 2009 - Kimberly Graduates from school! (Congratulations Kimberly!) Mary took care of a baby deer until the wildlife center came & got him. They will continue to raise him. (Good luck little guy).
June 2009 - Happy Anniversary Mom & Dad!
July 2009 - We had our party in July this year, instead of October. Good friends & good food!
Happy birthday Ronnie.

Aug 2009 - Spay the cats & Shorty the dog, and get Sukie bred! Hope we get a little Jersey girl.
Happy Birthday Dad.
Sept - Oct. 2009 - Nothing exciting, just farming stuff.
Happy Birthday Elizabeth. Happy Anniversary Elizabeth & Ronnie. Happy birthday Bill. 
Nov 2009 - Visit with family for
Dec 2009 - My grandfather passed away. Spending Christmas with the Family. Snow, and more Snow! Happy Birthday to Isabella & me.
Jan 2010 - HAPPY NEW YEAR!  More Snow!      Happy 17th birthday Kimberly.
Feb 2010 - More Snow! Groundhog saw his shadow! Happy Valentines Day!
Mar 2010 - I got a horse for our little farm! He is a Gypsy Vanner and only 10 months old! His name is Zenon.       Happy birthday Mom. 
Apr 2010 - Getting ready to visit family for Easter. Happy Birthday Robert!
May 2010 - Zenon is 1 year old! Sukie had a bull calf, He will be for sale. I needed a heifer. I just got an order of baby chicks, ducks, and turkeys!      Happy birthday Baby John.
June 2010 - We're fighting with the gas company. They want to come on our land and see where our gas is.  Then tear up the land to get it! We own 1/2 of the rights, someone ELSE signed a lease. So for now, we have to let them explore. (Sucks!)
Happy Anniversary Mom & Dad!
July 2010 - Happy birthday Ronnie.
Aug 2010 - Kimberly starts College!!!! Bill just got a beautiful Clydesdale mare, and her name is Abbigale. Happy birthday Dad.
Sept 2010 - I fell & sprained my knee. Kimberly fell and bruised her back.
Happy Birthday Elizabeth.
Oct 2010 - Found out my knee has a torn ACL and damaged meniscus which will require surgery to repair.     I will wait until after the holidays, and after Abbigale has her foal, then maybe I'll find time for me. LOL.     Also, Robert starts some new meds that are supposed to help his walking! That will be nice!
Happy Anniversary Elizabeth & Ronnie. Happy birthday Bill.

Nov 2010 - Just for fun, we had our male turkey step on the bathroom scale. I can't believe it. He weighs 50 Lbs!!!! I don't think I have a pot big enough for him. LOL!  Planning on Thanksgiving with the family!
Dec 2010 - Planning on Christmas with the family!      My & Isabella's birthday.
Jan 2011 - Kimberly's 18th birthday! Kimberly starts more classes. Turns out Abbigale the horse isn't pregnant.
April 2011 Happy birthday Robert. I sold Zenon. Sadly I needed the money. Plus Robert & his family never approved of my having him to begin with! All I got was greiff, and it made living conditions uncomfortable. I'm trying to keep a happy home. But I'm really gonna miss him!
May 2011 - Happy Birthday John. Happy birthday Zenon. (Both turn 2 this month!)
June 2011 - Happy Anniversary Mom & Dad!
July 2011 - Happy birthday Ronnie.
Aug 2011 - 
Happy birthday Dad.
Sept 2011 - Happy birthday Elizabeth.
Oct 2011 - Happy anniversary Elizabeth & Ronnie. Happy birthday Bill.
Nov 2011 - Thanksgiving with family!
Dec 2011 - Christmas with family! Happy birthday Isabella & me.
Jan 2012 - Happy Birthday Kimberly.
March 2012 - Happy birthday Mom.
April 2012 - Happy birthday Robert. Robert went to Maryland to spend time with his family.
May 2012 - Happy birthday John. I went to Maryland to help Mom & Dad. Mom got an ankle replacement, and they say it's a long recovery period.
June 2012 - Still helping the family in Maryland. Mom & Dad's Anniversary. End of June - Robert decided that he wants to end our relationship after 11 years. He will stay in Maryland with his parents. (
'Cause he can't take care of himself anymore.) I guess we'll have to sell the animals & the house. I came home to find the power out from a storm, and it was out for 9 days after that!
So... after years of promising marriage... I guess that's over, and I'm back on the singles marked again
July 2012 - Happy birthday Ronnie.
Aug. 2012 - Happy birthday Dad.
Sept 2012 - Happy birthday Elizabeth.
Oct 2012 - Happy anniversary Elizabeth & Ronnie. Happy birthday Bill.  Robert & his folks came to pick up his stuff. We're starting to get the house cleaned out and stuff thrown away, to get the house ready for sale. (Or whatever.) They want Kimberly & me to move out, So I'm not sure what's happening next.  We had a storm near the end of the month, and power was out for 9 days again! We have a generator to run the fridge & freezer, the microwave and a light. We're chopping wood for the small fireplace, to try to keep warm. It's tough, but we're doing ok.
Nov 2012 - Poop! Obama for president again.   Getting ready for Thanksgiving
Dec 2012 - My & Isabella's birthday. We missed Christmas with the family, due to snow.  :-(
Jan 2013 - Kimberly's 20th birthday.
Feb 2013 - Not much happening
Mar 2013 - Well Pump issues. No water for a week! I don't know if I'm staying or going... so I'm not planting a garden this year.
Apr 2013 - Not much happening. Robert left a year ago.
May 2013 - Hot water heater died! Ugh. No hot water for a week!  Still just trying to hold things together. LOL! Got fresh Asparagus from the garden!!!!! Happy Birthday John.
June 2013 - Happy anniversary Mom & Dad. Car keeps breaking down.
July 2013 - Happy birthday Ronnie.
Aug 2013 - Happy birthday Dad.
Sept 2013 - Happy birthday Elizabeth.
Oct 2013 - Happy anniversary Elizabeth & Ronnie. Happy birthday Bill.
Nov 2013 - Kimberly has had car issues for a while now, and we're hoping to get fixed up, so I can go to Maryland to see the family for the holidays.
Dec 2013 - 

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